Rudolph the Big Nose Reindeer & Frosty Friends

Some of my favorite things to create this time of year are … snowmen, reindeer and trees.  I want to make Santa, elves and so many other things … just find them a little more challenging.  Time is precious and challenging doesn’t fit in my schedule right now … how about you?  I’ll keep it simple, as usual!

Rudolph big nose reindeer frosty friends

I’m thinking that I should have called today’s post, Sweet Winter Wonderland Part 2!  These little guys are cousins of yesterday’s snowmen, they are all members of Oreo-gumball-candy family.

I love the reindeer because of his big nose which helps him stand up.  The snowman head has a Rolo hat … Rolos are probably my favorite candy.  Both of them make me smile!  I think they would be a great addition to any plate of desserts or individual party favors 😉

This is what you will need to make the reindeer and snowman head …

P1030429 ed

  • Rolo Minis
  • Peppermint Oreos (or your favorite flavor)
  • White Candy coating/melts (such as CandiQuik)
  • Chocolate Candy coating/melts (not in photo)
  • Coarse white/clear sugar
  • Gumballs (from SweetWorks)
  • Edible (food safe) markers – orange & black

Here’s the info for the reindeer …

rudolph reindeer instructions

Info for making snowmen …

frosty snowman directions


Wasn’t that super simple & easy peasy?  It reminded me of crafting projects that I used to do … only no glue gun burns!  I love making edible crafts!!!

oreo gumball reindeer snowman


Do you see the family resemblance from the Sweet Winter Wonderland family?

Snowman Christmas Tree Gumballs


Thank you again to CandiQuik and SweetWorks for the goodies!

I look forward to your comments and opinions!

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16 thoughts on “Rudolph the Big Nose Reindeer & Frosty Friends

  1. Rudolph the big nose reindeer – love him and his name! He is absolutely adorable!

    I’m thinking, if it’s possible, to VERY carefully gouge out a tiny bit of the Oreo filling where the antlers will go so they get the best grip possible. Good suggestion you made to put something under the antlers while the chocolate hardens.

    QUESTIONS: When the nose is added – will Rudolph stand on his own?
    If you say no – perhaps he also could sit atop another Oreo covered in “snow” like the snowmen are.

    Snowman hats – is the brim just a blob of dark chocolate (on top of which rhe mini-Rollo sits)?

    Haven’t been able to find the Peppermint Oreos yet at Publix or Walmart, but now I definitely have go on a more intensive search as these are just too cute. Will look at Target today.


    • I was so excited about Rudolph and his friends that I didn’t fully read the instructions. Sure enough – you said to put chocolate on the white gumball and then add the mini Rollo for his hat.

      I’m going to try decorating the snowman head and then sticking the head to the Oreo immediately after putting the white chocolate & coarse sugar on the Oreo so it all gets “glued” at the same time. Unless, of course, you’ve already done that and it doesn’t work. HA


    • I saw Candy Cane Oreos at Target yesterday … got my Peppermint ones at Vons/Safeway. The antlers stayed well … until I picked him up by the antlers, LOL. The nose will help him stand quite well … if you don’t want to use another cookie, try just a little blob of milk chocolate and sit the cookie on it.


      • Target had both the red cream filled and the candy cane Oreos (half the filling is red, half is white) today. They had red/green/white gumballs in a little container for $10 (zowee). They also had a 3′ long, clear candy cane with multi color gumballs (including red) inside for $10. Sometimes Party City has individual color candies/gumballs so will look there next.

        An alternative would be to dip a round candy (brand name – gold foil papered chocolate) in red chocolate. Only thing with that is the nose won’t be shiny like the gumball. But…if you dipped the round chocolate in red chocolate, you could then add red sugar to it to make it sparkle.


  2. Adorable. One small problem; I would have all the oreo’s ate before I got any of these cute guys made; especially if hubby is in the house. Not much for gumballs so I probably would use a red M&M instead.
    Hopefully I can get to the grocery store tomorrow or Friday and that the trucks have been able to stock the shelves again. The grocery store shelves have been running empty since this ice storm that came in last Friday. Gas stations are out of gas;once again the truckers can’t get around to deliver the gas.
    Have had no mail in 4 days now…….helpfully today. Our Sunday paper was delivered Tuesday.
    Besides all that;I have been freezing my hiney. Not used to these cold temperatures or the very thick ice that we received


    • Colleen – where do you live? Nice to know where people who comment are located when they mention the weather & fun just to see how far and wide Sweet Simple Stuff has influenced.

      I’m not crazy about gumballs either, but the size of them is what makes Rudolph so funny, plus it helps him stand. An M&M would be OK (peanut M&M better), but you’ve gotta think about a way then to make him stand. Maybe the Oreo would balance on it’s own (???), but you know people are going to be grabbing at him to pick him up – he’s so darn cute.


    • Colleen … if your hiney is frozen off … it’s OK to eat all the Oreos, LOL! I hope the weather warms up and things get back to normal … hang in there!

      Regarding the gumballs … I was going for a funny look and it made the cookie stand up … if you want to use m&m’s, how about the peanut butter ones because of their size! Personally, I don’t chew gum, but the neighbor kids (some of my guinea pigs) love them and it turns their mouth different colors!


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