4th of July Review




Good Monday morning!

Did everyone enjoy their weekend?  My weekend was slightly hot … like triple digit hot.  Today, I am looking forward to a cool down temp of 96°F !!!

Here is a last minute review because July 4th is just a few days away!

Easy Peasy Party Favors for Independence Day

Easy Party Favors

4th of July Firecracker pops

Firecracker Pops

Licorice candy flag

Licorice Flag

Blast from the past …

Star marshmallow pops

Marshmallow decorated straws


Sweet Hamburger Cupcakes

I love this …

American Flag Oreos - a patriotic treat that will be a hit at any 4th of July or Memorial day party!

Oreo Flag from The Pink Flour

For a few more ideas visit my Pinterest page!

I your comments!




15 thoughts on “4th of July Review

  1. Oh, Blast from the past. What sweet memories. :}
    Love them Marshmallow decorated straws. Can’t think of the name of the candy right now but why couldn’t a person put some of that candy inside the straws that ‘crackles’ / pops in your mouth. Gosh, can’t think of the candy name. Maybe they don’t make it anymore.

    Have a great day along with a safe and enjoyable Independence Day.
    Keep Smiling


  2. So many delicious and fun recipes here. I also really like your licorice straws idea and have sent that on to my sister in the States as she is hosting a big crowd with lots of kids for the 4th. Have a super day and happy 4th to you. Take care, BAM


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