Butterscotch Cake with Butterscotch-Caramel Sauce

Have you made a cake in a slow cooker or crock pot?

This was a first for me … something to check off my “to try” list!

Butterscotch Cake with Butterscotch Caramel Sauce 2

This cake is moist, butterscotchy (if that’s a word), best served warm with vanilla ice cream and warm sauce.  The sauce is made separate, from the cake, on the stove top.

I cooked this cake at home … placed the crock pot in an insulated bag and drove it to my sister-in-law’s home.  It stayed warm and yummy in the crock pot for several hours.

I definitely will make a cake in a crock pot again!  You will too, once you try it!

I almost forgot to mention … you mix everything up in the crock pot … fewer dishes to wash, yeah!!!

001002 cloudy day for photos 😦

Slow Cooker Butterscotch Cake with Butterscotch-Caramel Sauce

for the cake –

  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup sour cream (I used light)
  • 3/4 cup canola oil
  • 1 cup water
  • 16.5 ounce package yellow cake mix (I used Duncan Hines Classic Yellow)
  • 3.4 ounce package instant butterscotch pudding mix
  • 12 ounce package butterscotch chips
  1. Place 4 eggs in your crock pot (I used a 6 quart size) and beat well.
  2. Add sour cream, oil and water … mix well.
  3. Add cake mix and pudding mix … mix well.
  4. Stir in butterscotch chips.  Cover and cook on high setting for 3 hours.

for the sauce –

  • 1 cup brown sugar (packed)
  • 1/3 cup light corn syrup
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 1/3 cup heavy cream
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste (or extract)
  1. Heat brown sugar, syrup and butter over low heat to boiling, stirring constantly.
  2. Remove from heat, stir in cream and vanilla.  Allow to cool and stir before serving.

serves 12    (recipe adapted from 101 Slow-Cooker Recipes)

Slow Cooker Butterscotch Cake

So what do think … I look forward to your comments!



29 thoughts on “Butterscotch Cake with Butterscotch-Caramel Sauce

  1. Brenda, I just got home from a senior citizens potluck at which I wowed them with Black Bean Enchiladas. Already I was wondering how I could wow them next month. Your Butterscotch Cake with Butterscotch-Caramel Sauce might be just the thing!!!


  2. Oh my goodness this looks amazing. I don’t think I resist the smell of it cooking and would probably eat the whole thing. My comments have not been going through, can you please let me know if you are getting mine. Thanks, BAM


  3. It has been ages (a few years) since I have made a cake in the crockpot.
    I think it’s about time for me to make another; don’t you?
    Besides, hubby just finished off my apple cake that I had here so perfect time to mix up another. I just gotta get the butterscotch chips and sour cream today and will be good to go.
    Thanks for the recipe.
    Have a great day and better one tomorrow.


    • Here’s a real easy and quicky recipe
      3 ingredient Apple Pie Dessert

      *Spray bottom of crock up with Pam
      Empty 2 cans of apple pie filling and put into the bottom of crockpot.
      Pour 1 box of yellow cake mix over the pie filling {DO NOT mix together}
      Melt one stick of butter in Microwave and drizzle over cake mix.
      Crock on high for three hours.

      Have had the recipe for awhile so don’t even remember where I got it. I think someone had given to me. Person had made it, I liked it and asked for recipe.
      Nothing could be much simplier then this. :}


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