Pumpkin Marshmallows

A few weeks ago I showed you my newest marshmallow finds.  Last night I played with the orange pumpkin ones.   They can be used for so many different themes … fall, harvest, Halloween or Thanksgiving.  I tied a simple name card on the stick as a place card for the Thanksgiving table … useful and edible!  Here are a few ideas done my favorite way … fast and simple …

This is what I used …

  • The black lines are made with an Americolor Gourmet Writer
  • The green leaves are made with melted green chocolate (candy melts) & a toothpick
  • The orange lines are made with melted orange chocolate (candy melts) in a squeeze bottle
  • The green stem is a Sour Punch Candy
  • The brown stem is made with melted peanut butter chips & a toothpick
  • Pumpkin # 3 and #5   have regular white sugar sprinkled on the melted chocolate

Last week while camping, we used these for s’mores … let me just say, they make one mega s’more!  These are the marshmallows that I used …

Just a reminder … some candy can be difficult to find after Halloween.  Yesterday I bought the last bag of “Autumn mix” at my grocery store.  It contained candy corn, indian corn and only 2 pumpkins!!!  I am going to use the candy and indian corn for turkey tail feathers.  I need more than 2 pumpkins for another project!  As soon as I finish typing this, I am off to go candy hunting.

The moral of this story is … stock up on the candy or sprinkles that you can’t find regularly.

I ♥ comments, suggestions, or whatever is on your mind …


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