Silver Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Good morning!  I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving … survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Now, let’s think about baking, Christmas television specials, parties and family gatherings.  Speaking of Christmas TV specials … did you know that the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer TV special first aired in 1964 … 50 years ago … doesn’t seem that long ago!  Today, I’m sharing Silver Christmas Tree Cupcakes that were inspired from the same era … circa the early 1960’s.  The aluminum Christmas tree was at its height of popularity … oh, how I wanted our family to have one!

Retro Inspired Christmas Tree Cupcake

All the cool families had one with color coordinated ornaments, probably a lighted color wheel too … I was certain of it!  We had the old traditional green tree with a collection of multi-colored and mismatched ornaments … not cool!  Why couldn’t we have a new artificial silver Christmas tree with brand new decorations, instead of the ones that were passed down from my great-grandparents?

Retro silver tree cupcakes -

What can I say … was young, silly and didn’t appreciate the traditions of my grandparents … I wasn’t cool!  Today, we have a green tree with mismatched ornaments that have been collected over the 41 years that the hubby and I have been married.  The silver tree will still bring back memories … especially when I look at the 18″ tall one on my kitchen counter!  Yes, I finally got my silver tree (from the Target $1 bin) … just for the fun of it … never will replace the traditional one!

It’s very easy to make your own Silver Christmas Tree Cupcakes and this is what you will need …

Start at the bottom of the tree (cone) – hold the tip of the cone and make a stroke of icing about 1/3 – 1/2 up the cone – repeat until you have gone all the way around the cone …

Christmas tree cones -


Make the second row in the same fashion …

Christmas tree cone -


Sprinkle silver dust on the frosting over a plate (so you can reuse dust that misses the tree). If you have a fan brush (or any brush), dip the tip in the dust and tap on the brush to release the dust …

Christmas ice cream cone tree -

Place the tree on a frosted cupcake and apply the final strokes of frosting …

Ice cream cone tree -

Sprinkle more dust …

Silver tree cupcakes -

Add some pretty color coordinated (cool) ornaments …

Silver tree cupcakes with red and blue -


Just for fun … check out some cool aluminum silver trees here and I’ve spotted some very cute tributes to Rudolph, especially the adorable marshmallows from Meaghan of The Decorated Cookie.

Shiny & Bright Silver Christmas Tree Cupcakes


I don’t think that I knew anybody that actually had a silver tree until recently.  My sister-in-law and I were talking … her family had one in the 60’s, complete with the color wheel and blue ornaments!  If we would have known each other when we were 7 or 8 years old … probably would have wanted to hang out at her house and stare at her cool tree 😉

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12 thoughts on “Silver Christmas Tree Cupcakes

  1. These tree cupcakes are absolutely darling! You’re inspiring me to come up with retro theme for my neighborhood Christmas get-together! Thanks, Brenda!


  2. Oh, how Stunning and very festive looking.
    How pretty to have several of these sitting on a silver tray sitting in the middle of your dining room table.
    Absolutely Gorgeous


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