A Tall Cake with Autumn Colors

It’s November and autumn … Christmas is around the corner and I’ll be sharing some new ideas very soon … in the meantime, don’t forget fall!

falling autumn leaves cake

I tried and tried to come up with a clever name for this cake … just didn’t happen. One thought was … Redemption Cake!  I made the cake to help Son #3 redeem himself for his past contributions to the office potlucks!  He has been found guilty of picking up cookies at the grocery store and calling them dessert, even though I offered to bake something!!!  When will that boy learn that Mom knows best?  I’m not saying that store-bought are bad … it’s just that his coworkers were expecting something homemade …

autumn tree cake sixlets

I made a very simple three layer cake, frosted it and used chocolate frosting to draw some trees … then added pretty Shimmer Autumn Sixlets as leaves!   This cake is not about perfection … it’s about taste, texture and fall colors!  I’ve seen so many tall cakes where the sides are decorated … just wanted to give it a try!

I am sharing what I did … of course you can do what’s best for you!  I am not a professional and not a cake decorating teacher … just a mom making a cake for her son 😉

  • I used two cake mixes to make four layers … used three of them for this cake and served the extra layer as dessert after dinner 😉   Duncan Hines is my choice of mixes … baked each one using 4 eggs, 1 cup buttermilk and the oil called for on the box. I baked the cakes a few days ahead, leveled them, double wrapped them in plastic and froze them … I find it easier to handle a frozen cake.   Note … having good pans with straight sides makes baking and frosting easier.
  • I made two recipes of my Favorite Decorator Frosting using half butter and half shortening … had about one cup of frosting leftover.  I achieved the creamy color by using one and one half tablespoons of vanilla bean paste as flavoring and then added two drops of yellow gel coloring.

P1030285 ed

Put a little frosting on the plate (helps hold it in place), first cake layer, frosting, second cake layer, frosting, third cake layer … adjust if necessary and make sure everything is secure.

P1030286 ed

Add a thin layer of icing on sides and top … sometimes called a crumb coat or dirty icing … just helps control crumbs.

P1030287 ed

Cover the whole cake with frosting … doesn’t have to be perfect … just fairly even.

P1030288 ed

Use a small spatula (or dinner knife, even the back of a teaspoon) to add texture … I am right-handed and started with my spatula pointed to the left and pulled it toward the right for about 3-4 inches.  You will probably remove some frosting while doing this.  I did this all the way around the cake in a random pattern and cleaned up a few smudges of frosting on the plate.

P1030289 ed

Ready made chocolate frosting that I had on hand worked great.  I filled a disposable pastry bag and just snipped off the tip.

Next I piped three trees … please excuse my lack of artistic ability 😉

tree on side of cake SixletsThen I added the Autumn Sixlets as leaves on the trees and as the border at the base of the cake!

fall cake sixletsI only used about 2/3 of a 4.5 ounce bottle of candy!

autumn fall leaves sixlets cakeIt sounds like the cake was a hit … some people even took photos!  Son #3 is now in good standing at the office 😉

Thank you to SweetWorks for supplying the Shimmer Autumn Sixlets 🙂

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29 thoughts on “A Tall Cake with Autumn Colors

  1. I think Redemption cake is very appropriate. I have a feeling Son#3 will not be able to get away at work with store bought anything after this cake!! Awesome! Wish I could have been at his work for this cake!!


  2. They’re sure gonna know THAT was not purchased at the local grocery store – good job. In a cake decorating class they taught us to freeze a cake before frosting it as it greatly reduces the amount of crumbs.

    Yes – the autumn sixlets make great leaves. They’re so pretty. I found them at Walmart in with the Halloween cake decorating sprinkles, etc. They have such a rich illumination to them.

    Get ready for lots more requests from the office now that they know your son has such a creative mom.


  3. OMG. That is Stunning and looks so, so good.
    Yes; I’ll take a slice to go with my coffee right about now. (oh shoot, your son has already taken it to the office. :{ ) Any crumbs left by any chance? :}
    I still say you need to put out a book with all your wonderful creations. If nothing else do a family book of sorts with all your recipes and creations.
    You have such a creative mind.
    Enjoy your day /evening


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