Snowmen Pops

Today is the Snowman Pop Hat Parade …

Snowman Pops with Hats

maybe it’s a Snowman Silly Hat Fashion Show!

All I know … these were so easy and fun to make … a great project that the kids can help with 🙂

I used a variety of candy/cookies to show options for snowman hats … I also couldn’t make a decision today!

This is what you will need …


  • Large marshmallows
  • Sticks … these cute striped ones came from Cost Plus/World Market
  • Oreo cookies … I used the holiday ones with red filling
  • Mini Oreos, miniature Reese’s PB cups or large gum drops
  • Orange Starburst
  • Dark chocolate – melted
  • Water

Make the noses … cut 1 Starburst (or any orange pliable candy) into 4 pieces and shape into something that looks like a carrot … like playing with clay or Play-dough.

Use 1 stick as a drill to “pre-drill” a hole in the marshmallow for the nose and insert the nose.  Now, dip the tip of a stick in water, then insert it into the bottom of the marshmallow …                                         003
Use melted chocolate to give the snowman eyes and a mouth.  I used a lollipop stick for the large dots, a toothpick for small dots and lines.  Use whatever works for you … maybe a decorating bag or squeeze bottle?  Set aside to dry …


Put a little melted chocolate on an Oreo and lay the marshmallow on top of it … like he’s doing a head stand 😉  Let dry …

snowman pop

Use a piece of styrofoam, pop holder or something to make pops stand up …

marshmallow snowman

Use melted chocolate to attach candy/cookies to finish the hats …

 snowmen pops

I plan on sharing a cupcake idea tomorrow … in the meantime remember these oldies …

I just finished making 30 pounds of this … Yes, I did say 30 pounds!

Sweet & salty chocolate carmel peanut bark Chocolate Carmel Salty Peanut Bark   

Tonight I’m making these …

Smoothies Smoothies

Banana Nut bread just came out of the oven … my kitchen looks like an earthquake took place and everything came out of the cupboards.  Good news … no earthquake … it was just me!  I’d show you a photo, but it’s too embarrassing 😉


8 thoughts on “Snowmen Pops

  1. These are just darn right Adorable. Almost to cute to eat……(note: I did say Almost) :}
    Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas.


  2. I am so excited as now that you have sent me your cute little straws I can make these little snowmen pops today. You make everything look so simple but I hope that I can make them look as good as yours. Happy holidays to you! BAM


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