Pumpkin Pie Gone Wrong

This is the pumpkin pie that I took to my in-law’s yesterday … kind of ugly and embarrassing.

This is the pie that I baked to leave at home.

Let me tell you what happened … I baked two pies … one was a little larger than the other.   The plan was to take the larger pie and leave the smaller one at home.  I used ready-made pie crust … it wasn’t large enough to crimp the edges of the large pie.

A brilliant solution came to me … after baking, I would place some of those small pumpkin shaped marshmallows around the edge of the pie.  Sounds good … doesn’t it?

We had a short discussion … the hubby, son #2 and me … about food presentation.  Son #2 and the hubby have the opinion that too many television chefs place too much importance on food presentation.  I believe that presentation is important, but the food does not have to be a “work of art”.  After all … everyone is entitled to an opinion … right?

So, after I took the pies out of the oven and placed them on a cooling rack … I carefully placed the pumpkin marshmallows on the larger pie.  I thought that it looked rather cute … and I wanted the marshmallows to melt a little bit and stick to the pie.

I took a shower … 30 minutes later … the marshmallows did stick to the pie … and no longer looked like pumpkins!  In my opinion … the pie looked like a big gooey mess (refer to photo #1).

I took both pies … figuring that no one would touch the gooey one.

Well, they ate the gooey one … and the smaller one did come home with me.

Go figure!

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