Wilton Sugar Sheets – Product Review

Yesterday I said that I would show you how I “wrote” on the Peanut Butter Cupcakes.   Well, I cheated … I didn’t write anything.  I was at Michael’s a few weeks ago … had a coupon … and found this.   Wilton has a new product called “Sugar Sheets”  that come in a variety of designs and colors.  I chose the alphabet because I get frustrated with writing on cakes.

This is what the package looks like …

The letters were easy to use, I just followed the directions on the package … I popped the letters out and laid them on frosting …

The only problems that I encountered, was getting the white part out of the center of letters (like P and O).   My easy solution is don’t try to remove the center … just always use the letters on white icing … LOL!

My overall opinion is … this is a nice product to use if you don’t want to pipe icing letters.  I will buy this again.


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