Santa and Christmas Tree Oreos … fast and easy

Do you make cookies for Christmas as gifts to give friends, neighbors, family or just for home?  Are you like me … make plans to bake rolled out cookies, decorate with great details … reality hits … not enough time to do everything … something’s gotta give?  It happens to me EVERY SINGLE YEAR!  I still bake … bars, drop cookies, just not all the pretty decorated cookies that I had planned!  Bars and drop cookies are great, don’t get me wrong … just want that pretty decorated cookie festive look!  I have a solution … Santa and Christmas Tree Oreos … fast and easy … my favorite way of doing things!

Fast & easy, Santa & Christmas Trees on Oreos -

Just a few of these Oreos will add that festive touch … dress-up any cookie plate … colorful, whimsical and a little sparkly!  It’s what I call instant decorating!

Santas & Christmas trees on Oreos -

The Santas and trees are Holiday Gummies that I found at Target in the $1 bin … yeah!  If you can’t find these exact candies … many stores have similar ones.  Any ready-made candy or icing decoration will work just fine.  Ready-made decorations attached to ready-made cookies … fast and easy … that’s a win in my book!

This is what I used …

Winter Oreo Santa & tree

  • Winter Oreos (or any Oreo)
  • Holiday Gummies (or any ready-made Christmas candy)
  • Reese’s Minis
  • White candy melts/candy coating (melted)
  • Course white sugar crystals
  • Powdered sugar
  1. This was my first time trying to make gummy candy stand up … it doesn’t stand too well … it wants to bend and wobble!  This is what worked for me … apply a little melted candy to the back of each gummy … put it in the fridge and leave it there until you are ready to mount it to the Oreo …                                                                                                              Give strength to gummies -  You might say that I gave Santa a backbone 😉
  2. Spoon a little melted candy on one side of a Oreo and sprinkle with some sugar crystals.  For the tree … place a Reese’s Mini upside-down and let white candy harden up, then use a little melted candy to attach tree, let harden up.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar.  For Santa … stand him in the melted candy and hold until attached.  Helpful hint:  to help Santa stand faster … place him in melted candy, lift him a little and place back.

You are done!  Easy peasy … right?

Santa and the Winter Oreo Forest -

These little guys could be individually bagged up, added to any cookie plate, on a cupcake, a cake or ???

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I look forward to hearing from you!



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