Nutter Butter Pea Pods

I confess … I’m a dork.  I know that I’m dorky because my sons have told me so … more than once!  Son #2 recently confirmed this fact … after I told him about this idea …

Peas be my Valentine

I thought that I was being cute and clever … it was just my dorkiness showing, once again … so I’ve been told.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for dorky little sayings … isn’t it?  I can’t be the only person that believes this … just read some Valentine’s Day cards!

This is what you will need …

Nutter Butter Peas

I wanted a lighter color of green candy, so I started with white and added green until I got the color I wanted.  Ratio – 2 parts white candy to 1 part green candy …

020  021

Note – 1 pound of candy will cover about 15 cookies.

Start by working on parchment paper or waxed paper …

Nutter Butter Valentine's Day

  1. Dip the Nutter Butter Cookie in melted green candy, tapping off all excess candy.  Lay on parchment.
  2. Add M&M’s and heart.  Chill for a few minutes.
  3. Use melted green candy (in squeeze bottle or pastry bag) to create “pea pod” opening … let candy harden up.
  4. Use edible marker to draw eyes and mouth on “peas”.
  5. Draw “pea” vines (green candy) on plate if desired 😉

We are like 2 peas in a pod

The good news … Son#2 is trying to come up with some different ideas using Nutter Butter cookies.  I think he is trying to save me from my own dorkiness 😉

I ♥ your comments!

P.S.  Regarding my previous project “Valentine Pretzels/Heartzels”  … I found an alternative for the Heartzels and posted the info on the Heartzels page.
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48 thoughts on “Nutter Butter Pea Pods

  1. These are just as cute as can be! Sorta like a light-choc-peanut-butter-crunchy-cup….. so LONG LIVE DORKINESS! lol Blessings, Donna B.


  2. If you are a dork, I think dorks are awesome!!! These are just too cute for words. And would work beautifully for a baby shower as well!!! Keep up the dorkiness!!!!!


  3. Thanks for mentioning how many cookies you can cover with 1 lb. chocolate. Takes the guessing out of it for us.

    Dinaz mentioned using the pea pods for a Baby shower….you could sit the Nutter Butters in a vertical position and decorate them (using the technique you did to make it look like an open pod to now look like a blanket) Whala……a new baby wrapped in a blanket.

    Valentines – decorate the Nutter Butters to look like a giant set of lips.

    We shall await your photos (of these ideas – should you accept the challenge 🙂 as you’re Her Majesty of the Nutter Butters.


  4. thank you for the update on the alternative for the Heartzels.
    I also am somewhat dorky as well, cause I think these are cute and very clever. Guess we are all in good company anyway. :}
    Many ways in using nutter butter cookies: Dip and decorate into snowmen, penquins, reindeer,make into cute little puppies, cookie balls, etc.


  5. I love dorky, but I’m also old. lol It gets better. When your a grandma and greatgrandma, they love you for your dorkiness and say, your so cute. I love the two peas in the pod. They looklike you spent hours on them, but are quite simple, my kind of craft. Thanks. Trish Butler (Motheroverkill)


  6. Saw these featured at Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons tonight 🙂 I am CRAZY about them!!! I LOVE Nutter Butter treats & this is hands down the most creative one I’ve seen yet!! Brilliant & yummy! ;*) Pinning…thanks for sharing!! Congrats on the well deserved feature too! 🙂



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