Patriotic Pops or Uncle Sam Hat Pops?

Summer officially begins Saturday … the 4th of July will be here before we know it!  How about an easy peasy pop to celebrate the occasion?  I decided to make Patriotic Pops or Uncle Sam Hat Pops … some look like hats to me!

Patriotic Pops -

Red, white and blue pops made with chocolate, mint and marshmallows … yummy, easy to make and the York Pieces were the perfect colors!  My original plans were to only draw stripes on the marshmallows to create the Uncle Sam Hat look … got a little artsy and drew stars too!  Now, I want to make more … with polka-dots, fatter stripes, starbursts … ooh, the possibilities are endless ;)

Uncle Sam Hat Pops - SweetSimpleStuff

You can draw whatever you like on the marshmallows … maybe let the kiddos do it!  Speaking of kiddos … our 11-year-old great-niece is visiting from Tennessee … she came with my sister-in-law (her grandma).  My youngest son will turn 30 this year … I’m so out of kid mode and as the mother of three boys … never was in girl kid mode!  I forgot how difficult it is to come up with activities to fill two months of summer fun.  Anyway, my two sister-in-laws, great niece and I went to the beach … her first visit to the Pacific Ocean!  While we were driving, the subject of California’s water shortage came up … the 11 year-old questioned it … after all, California has the whole ocean to drink!  After playing in the water, getting a swimsuit full of sand and mouthful of ocean water, she understands why we don’t drink ocean water!

By the way … when applying sunscreen, don’t forget your feet and ankles … this is the voice of experience speaking ;)  Another tip … don’t ask an 11-year-old to guess your age … I’m not 60 … still in my late 50′s … let’s not push it!

Keep the kiddos busy and make some pops for your July 4th bash …

Patriotic Pops or Uncle Sam Hat Pops

  • Chocolate Wafer Cookies (such as Famous from Nabisco)
  • York Pieces
  • Large Marshmallows
  • White Candy Coating (such as CandiQuik)
  • Blue and Red Edible Markers
  • Blue and Red Paper Straws (or lollipop sticks)

Uncle Sam Hat Pop instructions -

  1. Cut paper straws in half (almost 4″).  You can use full length straws or substitute lollipop sticks.
  2. Use the food safe markers to draw strips, stars or doodle whatever you like.  Hint – you may need to make short strokes with the markers when drawing on marshmallows, if you press too hard they tend to stick to the marshmallow!  Insert straws into flat end of marshmallow.
  3. Melt the candy according to package directions or here.  Smear a small amount of candy on the top of a chocolate cookie.
  4. Place a marshmallow in the center of the cookie and add some York Pieces around it (I used 7 on each pop).  Chill for a few minutes or let stand at room temperature until melted candy has firmed up.  Wasn’t that easy peasy?

Red, white and blue pops - SweetSimpleStuff

You may remember some marshmallow pop hats from the past …

snowman hat pops

like these Snowman Hat Pops or

0081 marshmallow pilgrim hats

Pilgrim Hat Pops !


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Snickermallow Football Pops

The Super Bowl is Sunday … do you have your menu planned?  I’m working on mine … simple, nothing fancy.  We aren’t having a party, but snacks are a requirement while watching football’s big game … according to my family ;)P1030597 Snicker & Marshmallow Football Pops

Today I’m sharing one last easy peasy football treat!  There are several reasons to make these pops … Snickers and marshmallows dipped in chocolate … they’re easy to make … can be made today … stored in an air tight container at room temperature … served on Sunday!

P1030603 Snickers Marshmallow Football Pops

To make 25-30 pops, you will need …

  • 25-30 lollipop sticks
  • 8 ounce bag of Snickers bites (you will have extra)
  • 1 pound of chocolate candy coating (such as CandiQuik)
  • 2 ounces of white/vanilla candy coating (such as CandiQuik)
  • 1 bag Kraft Stackermallows
  • 2-1/2″ cookie/biscuit cutter (I used one with a crinkled edge because I didn’t have a plain edge one)

P1030595 ed

  1. Melt candy coating according to package directions.  Use a stick to predrill (about half way) into the side of a Snickers (don’t worry if it cracks, it will be covered in chocolate later).  Dip the tip of the stick in melted candy and insert into Snickers, let chocolate harden.
  2. Use the round cutter to cut a Stackermallow into a football shape.  (Save the marshmallow scraps to make Rice Krispie Treats or in hot cocoa!)
  3. Use a little melted chocolate to attach the flat side of the Snickers to the back of the football shaped Stackermallow, let chocolate harden.
  4. Spoon melted chocolate over the entire pop, tap off excess chocolate.  Place pop in a stand/styrofoam or lay (Snicker side down) on wax paper covered tray.  Chill for a few minutes.
  5. Place melted white candy in squeeze bottle or pastry bag and draw lines/laces on the football.

P1030596 Snickermallow Football Pops

About the name … if Snickers added marshmallows to their candy … believe they would be called Snickmallows … don’t you agree?

These are ready to go for Sunday’s game …

P1030604 ed

These pops would also be cute addition to a sports themed birthday party :)

Thank you to Miss Candiquik for the candy coating  :)

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On Sunday, are you watching the game, commercials or ???   I ♥ your comments!  

Santa Is Coming Down Your Chimney Tonight … Pops!

To post or not to post another Christmas idea … it’s been my dilemma!  I decided that this project is so easy … thought you might appreciate it ;)

Santa is coming down your chimney tonight pops

I’m going to make short and sweet … Christmas is around the corner!

santa rice krispie chimney

This is what you will need to make 8 pops …

P1030477 ed

  • Rice Krispie Treats (or you could make your own)
  • Vanilla CandiQuik (you will use about 1/2 package)
  • 1 box Hot Tamales
  • 8 sticks
  • 8 foil wrapped Santa chocolate (from SweetWorks)
  • 1 cup mini marshmallows (oops! forgot photo)

santa chimney pop instructions

  1. Line a tray with parchment or wax paper.  Melt CandiQuik according to package directions.  Dip the tip of the stick in melted candy and insert into Rice Krispie Treat.
  2. Place 5 or 6 mini marshmallows along top edge and smash a little to make snow.  Use Hot Tamales to make bricks on chimney and press a little.  If you are not a fan of Hot Tamales, I saw Mike & Ike’s in holiday colors or use red licorice pieces.
  3. Put about 1/2 cup melted candy in squeeze bottle or pastry bag.  This will be the mortar for the bricks.  Fill the areas between the bricks.
  4. Attach Santa to the stick.  I used just a dot of glue (from a glue gun) on the foil.  Tape may be another option.
  5. Dip the bottom of the Rice Krispie Treat in melted candy and stand on prepared tray.  Let candy harden at room temperature or chill for a few minutes.

santa chimney pops

I always look forward to your comments!

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Salted Caramel Mocha Bark

Yes, I said Salted Caramel Mocha Bark … it’s candy … not something that you can drink at your local coffee place!  However, it is inspired by one of those fancy coffees!  I made a new flavor of candy because I enjoy that flavor of latte so much …

Salted caramel mocha bark

I enjoy making gifts … sometimes a little gift of homemade candy is the perfect thing for co-workers, neighbors, friends, etc.  Bark is so easy and fast to make … it has saved me, especially when I feel pressed for time.  Today, I feel pressed … I’m making 30 pounds of candy for the hubby to take to work tomorrow … it’ll get done because it will be 30 pounds of bark!

I’ll make this short and sweet!  This is what you will need …

P1030449 ed

  • 1 pound white CandiQuik (candy coating/candy melts)
  • 1 package Ovation Caramel Sticks/Milk Chocolate (SweetWorks)
  • 1 package Ovation Coffee Sticks/Dark Chocolate (SweetWorks
  • 1 cup pretzel pieces
  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or wax paper.  Hint - make sure that the baking sheet is not cold … the candy will harden too quickly.
  2. Break up the Ovation candy sticks and mix up flavors.caramel coffee bark
  3. Melt the CandiQuik according to package directions and stir in pretzel pieces.white chocolate pretzel bark
  4. Spread candy/pretzel mixture as thin as possible on prepared baking sheet.  I tilt it,pound it on the counter … whatever works!  Candiquik bark
  5. Sprinkle caramel/coffee bits over candy mixture and gently press into pretzel mixture and chill for a few minutes (about 10 minutes in the freezer)     caramel coffee chocolate bark
  6. Cut or break into chunks … easy peasy!                                         white chocolate caramel coffee bark

salted caramel mocha chocolate

I tried to make it pretty short and very sweet!  Gotta go now … 30 pounds of candy are calling my name ;)

Thank you to Miss CandiQuik and SweetWorks for their generous gifts!

Are you making candy?  I love your comments :)

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Rudolph the Big Nose Reindeer & Frosty Friends

Some of my favorite things to create this time of year are … snowmen, reindeer and trees.  I want to make Santa, elves and so many other things … just find them a little more challenging.  Time is precious and challenging doesn’t fit in my schedule right now … how about you?  I’ll keep it simple, as usual!

Rudolph big nose reindeer frosty friends

I’m thinking that I should have called today’s post, Sweet Winter Wonderland Part 2!  These little guys are cousins of yesterday’s snowmen, they are all members of Oreo-gumball-candy family.

I love the reindeer because of his big nose which helps him stand up.  The snowman head has a Rolo hat … Rolos are probably my favorite candy.  Both of them make me smile!  I think they would be a great addition to any plate of desserts or individual party favors ;)

This is what you will need to make the reindeer and snowman head …

P1030429 ed

  • Rolo Minis
  • Peppermint Oreos (or your favorite flavor)
  • White Candy coating/melts (such as CandiQuik)
  • Chocolate Candy coating/melts (not in photo)
  • Coarse white/clear sugar
  • Gumballs (from SweetWorks)
  • Edible (food safe) markers – orange & black

Here’s the info for the reindeer …

rudolph reindeer instructions

Info for making snowmen …

frosty snowman directions


Wasn’t that super simple & easy peasy?  It reminded me of crafting projects that I used to do … only no glue gun burns!  I love making edible crafts!!!

oreo gumball reindeer snowman


Do you see the family resemblance from the Sweet Winter Wonderland family?

Snowman Christmas Tree Gumballs


Thank you again to CandiQuik and SweetWorks for the goodies!

I look forward to your comments and opinions!

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Tombstone Pops

Halloween will be here in just eight days!!!  I can’t believe that I just said that!  Do you want to know how many day until Christmas?  I’m not going to count … I’ll live in denial … OK, as soon as I finish this post, I will count ;)  Honestly, I’m starting to feel a little panicky … it’s normal for me.

I feel like … let me get thru Halloween … oh, I haven’t even decorated … there’s a pumpkin on the porch and a garland hanging in the dining room … does that count as being decorated?

P1030258 marshmallow tombstone pops

If you feel a little pressed for time … like me … here is one last easy peasy, super simple Halloween treat that truly can be done in a very short amount of time ;)

P1030266 Tombstone Pops

This is what you will need to make 10 tombstone pops …


  • 10 Paper Straws (or lollipop sticks)
  • 20 StackerMallows (flat rectangular marshmallows)
  • 4 ounces White CandiQuik (candy coating/candy melts/white chocolate) (this will be the “glue” to hold everything together and to attach decorations)
  • Various sprinkles, colored sugar, candy skulls, candy bones
  • Black edible marker (sorry, it missed the photo session ;) )

P1030252 tombstone instructions

  1. Melt the white candy according to package directions.  I put mine in a squeeze bottle (optional).  Flatten about 1″ of the straw.  Smear a little melted candy on the marshmallow and lay flattened straw on it.
  2. Smear more melted candy on top of the straw.
  3. Lay another marshmallow on top of the straw and press together the two marshmallows, add more melted candy between the marshmallows if necessary.  Let candy harden.
  4. Spread melted candy around edges of tombstone and cover with sprinkles.  Use more melted candy wherever you want to attach sprinkles, skulls, etc.
  5. Use edible marker to write messages or draw designs.

P1030264 marshmallow stackers tombstones

I told you that this project was easy peasy … like cut and paste … without the cutting and using real edible paste!

Here are a few easy Halloween ideas from the past …

marshmallow eyeballs

Eyeball Pops

Monster cupcakes

Monster Cupcakes

I appreciate your comments :)

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Nutter Butter Zombie Eyeballs

Let me start out by saying … I have no experience with Zombies, but they seem to be everywhere … on TV shows, TV commercials and other advertisements especially with Halloween around the corner.  Don’t forget that The Walking Dead starts its fourth season on Sunday!  The world seems to be overrun with Zombies ;)

I can see you

I do have experience with Nutter Butters … I buy them, hide them from the family, so that I can create fun stuff with them!  After I take photos, the family will attack eat them.  I just told Son #2 that I made Nutter Butter Zombie Eyeballs … his response - “Oh gaaawwwd” (in his usual sarcastic tone) … I know he will eventually show up and want to eat them ;)

Nutter Butter Zombie Eyeballs

Since I don’t really know any Zombies … I can only imagine that they have bulging blood-shot eyeballs!  I found Wilton Vibrant Green Candy Melts which seemed to be an appropriate slimy Zombie color.

This is what you will need to create your own Nutter Butter Zombie Eyeballs …


  • Nutter Butter Cookies
  • Wilton Vibrant Green Candy Melts (or candy coating colored with candy colors)
  • Large Candy Eyeballs (I found them at my grocery store)
  • Red Americolor Gourmet Writer
  • Large Marshmallows

zombie eyeball  instructions

  1. Cover a tray with wax paper or parchment.  Cut marshmallows in half … dip the knife in water to help it from getting sticky.
  2. Use the red marker to create blood-shot lines on the marshmallows (not on the cut side) … short strokes seem to work best.
  3. Melt the candy according to package directions.  Dip a cookie in the candy, covering it completely and tap off all excess.
  4. Lay on prepared tray and place 2 marshmallow eyes on top.  Chill a few minutes.
  5. Use a dot of melted candy to attach candy eyeballs.

Nutter Butter Eyeballs

Are you a Zombie lover?  I always enjoy your comments!

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