Rudolph the Big Nose Reindeer & Frosty Friends

Some of my favorite things to create this time of year are … snowmen, reindeer and trees.  I want to make Santa, elves and so many other things … just find them a little more challenging.  Time is precious and challenging doesn’t fit in my schedule right now … how about you?  I’ll keep it simple, as usual!

Rudolph big nose reindeer frosty friends

I’m thinking that I should have called today’s post, Sweet Winter Wonderland Part 2!  These little guys are cousins of yesterday’s snowmen, they are all members of Oreo-gumball-candy family.

I love the reindeer because of his big nose which helps him stand up.  The snowman head has a Rolo hat … Rolos are probably my favorite candy.  Both of them make me smile!  I think they would be a great addition to any plate of desserts or individual party favors ;)

This is what you will need to make the reindeer and snowman head …

P1030429 ed

  • Rolo Minis
  • Peppermint Oreos (or your favorite flavor)
  • White Candy coating/melts (such as CandiQuik)
  • Chocolate Candy coating/melts (not in photo)
  • Coarse white/clear sugar
  • Gumballs (from SweetWorks)
  • Edible (food safe) markers – orange & black

Here’s the info for the reindeer …

rudolph reindeer instructions

Info for making snowmen …

frosty snowman directions


Wasn’t that super simple & easy peasy?  It reminded me of crafting projects that I used to do … only no glue gun burns!  I love making edible crafts!!!

oreo gumball reindeer snowman


Do you see the family resemblance from the Sweet Winter Wonderland family?

Snowman Christmas Tree Gumballs


Thank you again to CandiQuik and SweetWorks for the goodies!

I look forward to your comments and opinions!

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Holiday Review

How about a little eye candy today?  In this case, it’s candy for you to look at ;)

I will be posting new Christmas treat ideas as quick and often as I can … beginning tomorrow!  In the meantime, these may be oldies but goodies …

Chocolate, Caramel and Salty Peanut Bark


Peppermint wreaths

Peppermint Wreaths

Super Simple Edible Snow Globes

Snowman Hat Pops

Please stop by tomorrow for some new stuff ;)

Last minute cute and colorful ideas …

These are my favorite cute ideas that are pretty quick and easy … you know the clock is ticking!

Do you work well under pressure … or are you done with everything and relaxing?  I you are relaxing … I am envious!

My theory is … if I am still working … you should be working too!  Is that related to “misery loves company”?

Anyway … the purpose of this post is to remind you that if you make just a few colorful items and place them on a platter with anything else … it just pops!

Edible Snow Globes

Snowman Hat Pops

Marshmallow Snowmen Pops

Cupcakes are fast if you use a cake mix and ready-made icing …

Snowmen Cupcakes

The Perfect Man (or men)     

Peppermint S’mores 

Peppermint Pops 

I am a last-minute person … every now and then I think I’m ahead of schedule … then I realize that I’m not :(   So … I do what I can and make plans for next year to get more done :)

I look forward to your comments … I read all of them!

Snowman Marshmallow Pops

Snowmen are so easy to make … these marshmallows were dipped in white chocolate … but you could skip it … marshmallows are white!

Let me tell you what I used for each decoration … noses are made of royal icing (or use candy coated sunflower seeds) … eyes and mouths are made with dark chocolate (or use black edible marker, or black pearls)

Starting at the left, snowman …

  1. The hat is a plastic cupcake pick, a jumbo and a large marshmallow, arms are broken pretzels (hint-use a lollipop stick to poke a hole in the marshmallow first)
  2. The hat is a plastic cupcake pick, a jumbo marshmallow
  3. The hat is made of royal icing, a jumbo and a large marshmallow, buttons are large edible confetti (or use m&m’s candies)

If you need step by step directions … how to melt chocolate and for marshmallow dipping you can check out snowman hat pops.

I ♥ all of your comments …

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Snowman Cupcakes

Snowmen make me smile … so do cupcakes!

Let me apologize now for the photo … the light was coming and going.  The snowmen do not … I repeat do not  have dandruff on their hats!  It is edible glitter that did not photograph well.  It looks better in person … really.  As I have said before … I (obviously) am not a photographer … I am sorry.  There are more photos at the end … some may be a little better to see.

This is what you will need …

I wanted to make a smoother frosting … so I put about 1/2 cup of frosting in a bowl and put it in the microwave for 15 seconds …

Spread it on the cupcakes …

Cut the licorice into pieces … 2-1/2″ and 1-1/2″ pieces …

Arrange the licorice for hats … and give him (or her) a face …

Add some glitter to make them sparkle …

Does it still look like dandruff?

I look forward to your comments!


Snowman Hat Pops

It is time to get in the swing of things … Winter, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.  This is my first contribution toward the season.  I am starting out simple and easy :)

Do these look familiar?  Yes … they are the same as my Pilgrim Hats.  I like to keep things simple … so I just made a minor change in decoration. Here’s the info …

This is what you will need …

  • large marshmallows (I used caramel because I had them in the cupboard)
  • chocolate wafer cookies (such as Famous)
  • melted dark chocolate (about 1 lb. for 24)
  • melted white chocolate (about 1/4 lb. for 24)
  • lollipop sticks
  • holly sprinkle decorations (Wilton – found at Wal-mart)

Dip the tip of your lollipop stick in melted dark chocolate and insert into a marshmallow and let the chocolate harden up.  Then dip the marshmallow in the dark chocolate, tap off excess chocolate, stand upright (styrofoam or similar) and pop in the fridge or freezer to harden up …

Get the chocolate cookies ready (smooth up edges if needed) and dip the chocolate marshmallow in melted white chocolate to form a band … place on cookie … let harden up …

Use a little melted white chocolate as glue and attach holly decorations … tweezers may be helpful …

I ♥ comments …

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