Thanksgiving review and reminder

Just a reminder that today is the last day to enter for a chance to win the “Southern Fried Giveaway” … a Thanksgiving review too!

I’ve read the comments that have been left … you are some busy bakers!  I need to keep up with you  :)

There are some half-finished turkeys is my kitchen … they are not the roasting kind of turkeys … sweet ones!  I promise to have photos and instructions in the next couple of days ;)

In the meantime … blast from the past!

Nutter butter M&M's turkeys

Nutter Butter Turkeys on Reese’s Cups

0081 marshmallow pilgrim hats

Easy Pilgrim Hat Pops

Simple Cranberry Sauce

Simple Cranberry Sauce

I’m off to the kitchen and finishing turkeys!  Remember … I’ll be selecting a winner tomorrow :)

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My Southern Fried Vacation & A Little Souvenir Giveaway

October has come and gone … been home from vacation for two weeks … laundry is done … suitcases are waiting to be taken to the attic.  I intended to post this giveaway along with a few vacation photos the day after my return … obviously didn’t happen ;)  Why does it take me so long to back into the swing of things?  It took me two days to do the laundry and two or three days to do all of the grocery shopping.  There were just a few things left in the fridge, including sour milk … two of my sons actually smelled it and put it back in the fridge … never understand that one!

We had a great time visiting family (didn’t take a single photo, oops!) and site seeing … been to the south many times and still find new things to see and do!  This is my Southern Fried Vacation in a nutshell … ate a lot of fried chicken at Loveless Cafe, Cracker Barrel, KFC, Paula Deen’s Lady & Sons and the best chicken fried chicken at Puckett’s Grocery.  Had fried apples at Cracker Barrel … fried apple pies at The Apple Barn (they have a permanent Christmas store!) and Muddy Pond Sorghum Mill, where we watched the whole sorghum making process … think the hubby wants to grow sorghum now!

southern fall vacation

We spent a few days with Bessie and her friends … saw some adorable scarecrows in Gatlinburg … stealing that idea for my yard next year!  I love lighthouses … stumbled across one on Tybee Island.

My hubby, the Peanut Butter Man, had his agenda too …

Hubby's favorite things

Visiting the Louisville Slugger factory may have been the highlight of his year … you have no idea how many photos we have of that huge bat!  The real biggie was … he held Johnny Bench’s bat … been a fan forever and of course we have photos!  I remember driving from California to Tennessee in 1973 … saw a billion Stuckey’s Pecan Shoppes along the highway … they disappeared … found one … hubby stocked up with one of his all-time favorites … Stuckey’s pecan logs!  Visited the Corvette Museum and saw many fancy cars, including the ones that were recovered from the sinkhole!

Fall Vacation


We visited Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston … currently a working farm.  The leaves were changing colors … beautiful countryside!   We did a lot of driving, especially at night … put about 3,000 miles on the rental car … thank goodness for unlimited miles.  I’m still try to convince the hubby that I worked on this vacation … remember the Acorns!

I’m home now and ready to really get back to work … Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner!

Finally … the little giveaway …

I picked up a few souvenirs for one lucky person!

My Vacation Giveaway


These items were chosen because they made me smile, fit in my suitcase and I thought … who doesn’t need a few more kitchen items?  ;)  The first dish towel came from The Loveless Cafe … where they serve great biscuits!  The second dish towel is from Paula Deen’s store … the saying made me smile :)  I found the wooden spoon at The Apple Barn … made by local craftsmen … never can have too many spoons!

How to enter for a chance to win these fun kitchen supplies!


  • Just answer the following question on this blog post:
  • What was the last thing you baked … maybe biscuits, cookies or a frozen pizza?
  • One entry per person.
  • Deadline to enter is Monday, November 10, 2014 at 11:59pm PST. The deadline has passed and the giveaway is over.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced on Tuesday.

This giveaway is sponsored by me.

The winner is comment #17 Cyndi, selected by  Congratulations Cyndi!  I’ll be sending you an email ;)

What was the last thing you baked?  I just can’t wait to hear from you!




St. Patrick’s Day Review and a Giveaway

Here is a quick little review of some St. Patrick’s Day ideas …

Mint & Chip Sandwich Cookies

Mint & chip sandwich cookies

Leprechaun Hat Cupcakes

St. Patricks Day Hat Cupcakes

Make Shamrock Nonpareils

St. Patrick's Day Marshmallow Cupcakes

Beef Stew … it’s not Irish Stew, but it’s Stew!

Simple Beef Stew

St. Patrick’s Day Wee Little Giveaway …

When I think of St. Patrick’s Day, a few things pop into my head … shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold, Lucky Charms and luck in general.

Do you feel lucky today?

I was feeling pretty lucky when I made this bracelet and named it “Lucky”.  I know,  it may seem weird to name a bracelet … I guess I’m weird (my GPS is Lucy).

This is Lucky

I am going to give “Lucky” to one lucky winner!

To enter, leave a comment on this post.  Tell me what your plans are for St. Patrick’s Day.  Are you having a party … going out to an Irish Pub … making green mashed potatoes … or if you are shy, just say “Hi”. 


One entry per person.  Entries must be received by Saturday, March 16, 2013 midnight (PST).  Winner will be drawn at random and announced here on Sunday, March 17, 2013.  I will also send an email to the winner.   This giveaway is now over (3-17-13).

The winner of the giveaway is comment # 9 made by Lucinda!  Congratulations and Happy Birthday … this must be your lucky day!

True Random Number Generator Min: 1, Max: 17, Result: 9 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Let me just say … I was in shock and disbelief when I read an email telling me that I won a cute little iPad mini from Bakerella … I named her Mini …

My little mini

You just never know when you’ll get lucky ;)

Remember to leave your comment!

Tiki Mask Cupcakes … and a Giveaway!

It’s mid July and I have not been to the beach yet :(

No vacation has been planned to a tropical island :(

So … in the privacy of my kitchen, I created my own little sandy beach cupcake paradise :)

I love kitchen gadgets … I hope you do too!  Several gadgets are used in these cupcakes and I’m sharing some with a lucky winner!  Please be patient with me … there are a lot of steps in these directions … but I promise they are simple, as usual!

These cupcakes are easy to make … you can even make the chocolate masks days in advance.  I bought the “tiki ice-cube mold” at Target ($1.00) several weeks ago and I was surprised on Saturday when I saw a summer clearance sale going on at Target.  If you can’t find one at a store near you … I have good news … I bought an extra one for the lucky winner of this giveaway!   You may also find tiki candy molds on the internet or cake and candy supply stores.

To make the chocolate masks … simply spoon melted chocolate in each cavity and tap the mold on the counter several times to release any air bubbles in the chocolate … pop the filled mold in the freezer or fridge for a few minutes to harden the chocolate.  I used milk chocolate candy coating (candy melts).  It took 4 ounces of chocolate to fill the 8 cavities in this mold …

The chocolate may not release easily …  just give them a little push … these molds are very flexible.  The details show up very well in the chocolate … but I wanted to give them a little something special … a little bling … a little luster, with Aztec Gold Luster Dust (another item in the giveaway).  I used a dry brush … barely dipping it into the dust and brushing it on the chocolate … it’s just like applying blush …

A few weeks ago, Sweetology made cute palm trees with pretzels and kiwi slices … so I copied her!  I did take her advise and placed the slices of kiwi on a paper towel to help absorb some of the juice.  I dipped the pretzel tip in melted chocolate and pushed it into the kiwi.  This palm tree is a bit of a balancing act … but so cute …

Do you like fillings in cupcakes?  Lemon curd sounds good to me … so easy with another helpful gadget (that just happens to be included in the giveaway).  Just insert it into a cupcake … give it a twist and pull a “core” out of the cupcake … add a little filling …

Now plunge the cupcake “core” on top of the filling …

Frost your cupcakes using your favorite frosting recipe.  I used buttercream in a pastry bag with a #12 tip …

Then sprinkle with sand … NO, not really … I’m just kidding.  Use cinnamon sugar (1/2 cup granulated sugar + 1 teaspoon cinnamon) for the sand …

Finally … decorate the cupcakes with tiki masks, kiwi palm trees, paper umbrellas, little royal icing flowers or anything else that feels beachy and tropical …

THE GIVEAWAY… this is what is included …

  • Tiki Mask Mold
  • Cupcake Plunger
  • Aztec Gold Luster Dust
  • Brush
  • Some Lime Green Cupcake Liners

Here are the rules … one entry per person … all entries must be made by 11:59pm (Pacific Time) Monday, July 23, 2012 … winner will be selected at Random and announced Tuesday, July 24, 2012.  Simply answer the question …





To enter the giveaway … leave your answer in the comments section …

  • F.Y.I. – this giveaway is sponsored by me … I’m just sharing my love of gadgets :)   If your comment does not appear immediately … don’t worry it will appear soon!

Friday Fun Stuff … it’s like show and tell!

I am always amazed and impressed by the creativity of others.

I know this very talented young man (I know his mom), Louie, who crochets … sells his creations, patterns and has a great blog with free patterns too!  He has such a variety of ideas … hats, bow ties, mustaches …

So, I just want to share a very generous giveaway from my friend, Louie at Louie’s Loops … please stop by for a visit …

Awesome June Giveaway!!

Hey guys, I’ve got a really big giveaway for you guys today! The biggest giveaway I’ve ever offered actually, and there are a bunch of ways to win!

So basically, throughout all of June, I’m going to be posting some new stuff, mostly patterns, but also just blog posts. So I figured why not try to launch off summer with a cool giveaway?

Lets start with what you can win: I’m giving away a $50 (US) gift card to my shop on Etsy to buy what ever you want! It can be a couple hats, patterns, bow ties, even custom orders, what ever you want! Winner will be selected at random. Now, here are a few ways for you to enter the drawing to win! ………

Please visit Louie’s Loops for the rest of the info :)


I just wanted to share my not so brilliant discovery …

A few years ago, in Tennessee, I visited Bass Pro Shop for the very first time.

I love gadgets … especially for cooking … camping too.

I found this S’mores Maker … it was hard to fit in the suitcase and on the plane … in fact I was surprised that the TSA didn’t question it … but I had to have it!  We camp every summer with two other families where we all break out our new camping gadgets, games, cocktails, etc.

Well, the truth is, we like making s’mores the old-fashioned way … with the marshmallows on the fork.

We do like to grill asparagus … so here is my brilliant discovery …

Just drizzle the asparagus with a little olive oil, salt and pepper … grill one side for 5 minutes … flip it over and grill for 5 more minutes.

I knew that I really needed this gadget … I just didn’t realize how I would use it!

Do you have any other suggestions for my s’mores maker?



Supplies, Ingredients, Tools, etc. and a Giveaway !!!

Do you have a favorite place to find supplies for baking, or crafting?

Where do you buy your ingredients?

Do you buy new equipment/tools frequently or use what you have on hand?

I am not talking about our staple ingredients … we can usually find flour, sugar, etc. … it’s the other stuff …

The only place that I know to find the edible markers that I like … is at local cake decorating store or order online.

So, sometimes I am guilty of hoarding … or at least buying too much … and taking advantage of coupons and sales.

I have picked up a few “necessary” supplies that may be useful … and I am giving them away!!!  Here they are …

Anyway, if I can’t find what I want … I rely on talking with friends … because most of my friends are bakers/cooks/crafters … we can all get helpful info by networking.

Here are some of my reliable sources – Cake decorating stores, Williams-Sonoma, SurLaTable, Michaels, Jo-ann, Wal-Mart, Target, dollar stores, Home Goods, Marshalls, Ross, WinCo Foods, Trader Joes and grocery stores.

What are your sources?  Do you have any secret sources that you would like to share?

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment below … if you have a source to share, that would be great!  The contest ends Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 11:59pm PST.  The winner will be selected via and notified via email.  Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and only one entry per person.

Giveaway is now over

Fall Doilies Giveaway Winner …

And the winner of the giveaway is … #30 Danya Campbell. Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who entered. Fall/autumn was the favorite season winner … according to our very unscientific poll.

Danya, I will be sending you an email so that I may mail you the doilies.

Can you believe that Halloween is only 13 days away? So, I am back to the kitchen … and still in Halloween mode. Please come back for another treat … no tricks, promise.