Nutter Butter Turkey Pops

Nutter Butter Turkey Pops are not a new idea, but this is the first time that I’ve made them!  These pops are the perfect Thanksgiving treat for everybody.  Use the turkeys as a take home favor … sweet treat!

Nutter Butter Turkey Pops

I had fun making these little guys … change the faces or tail feathers … there are no rules!   Have you seen the different flavors of candy corn available … caramel apple, gingerbread, pumpkin spice … too many to name!  This project is pretty fast and easy … as usual.

Cookie & Candy Turkey Pops

Let’s get started … to make each turkey you will need:

  • A cute paper straw (or lollipop stick)
  • 1 Nutter Butter cookie
  • 1 chocolate wafer cookie (such as Nabisco Famous)
  • 7 pieces of candy corn (whatever flavor you like)
  • 1 or 2 candy eyeballs
  • chocolate covered sunflowers seeds – 1 red & 1 yellow
  • melted chocolate candy coating (such as CandiQuik) … royal icing could also be used

Turkey cookie

1.  Use a toothpick and dot of melted chocolate to attach candy eyeballs and sunflower seeds to the Nutter Butter … have fun with the eyeballs, they are goofy little turkeys!

Turkey candy corn

2.  Dip the small end of the candy corn in melted chocolate and arrange them close together on the bottom side of the chocolate cookie.

3.  Add a little extra chocolate to reinforce the “tail feathers” and let harden.

thanksgiving turkey pop

4.  Flatten the end of each paper straw (about 1 1/2″ – 2″).

5.  I placed an extra under the chocolate wafers to help balance them.  Dip the flat end of the straw in melted chocolate and lay it on the chocolate wafer.

6.  Add a Nutter Butter immediately and let the chocolate harden up before moving the pop.

Turkey Nutter Butter Cookie

Make these pops … impress your family and friends … then shake your tail feathers!

I gotta go now … working on one more turkey to share with you in a day or two ;)

I ♥ your comments!



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Oreo and Almond Flower Pops

Raise your hand if you like chocolate!  Raise your hand if you like Oreo cookies!  Almonds are a healthy snack and everything on a stick is fun … right?  Therefore … this must be a sweet, fun and healthy Oreo Flower Pop!  It has all of the necessary elements … Oreo cookies, on a stick, dipped in chocolate with chocolate covered almonds (that means double chocolate!) for the petals and a few sprinkles in the center for a little extra fun :)  These pops are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Oreo & Almond Flower Pops

These almonds came from Costco long before Easter and were kept hidden for this project.  I have not seen them recently, but Jordan almonds, almond M&M’s or any oblong shaped candy could be substituted.

The colors are perfect for Mother’s Day and spring flowers … no green thumb necessary!

Happy Mother's Day Cookie Flower Pops


You will need the following to create 16 Oreo and Almond Flower Pops …

  • 1 pound vanilla candy coating (such as CandiQuik), melted
  • 16 Oreo cookies (I used the Spring variety, but any flavor/color will work)
  • 16 wood coffee stir sticks (5 1/2″)
  • 8 green striped paper straws (cut in half)
  • 80 chocolate covered almonds as petals (5 for each flower)
  • 32 green chocolate covered almonds as leaves (2 for each flower)
  • sprinkles for the flower center

Oreo Almond Flowers  SweetSimpleStuff

  1. Cover a tray with wax paper or parchment.  Cut paper straws in half, flatten each straw and insert the wood coffee stir stick.  Note:  the stick will be about 1-1/2″ longer than the straw half
  2. Open the cookie, lay “wood” end of stick on cookie and add a little melted candy.  Note:  the cookie opens easiest when the icing is not cold, microwave for a few seconds if necessary
  3. Replace top on cookie and melted candy.  Let candy firm up.
  4. Dip and cover cookie in melted candy, tap off excess and even drag bottom across edge of bowl.  Lay on prepared tray.  Place 5 almond on cookie to form flower petals.  Chill for a few minutes or let sit at room temperature until totally hardened.
  5. Add a little melted candy in flower center, add sprinkles.  Use a dot of melted candy to attach 2 green almonds to straw as leaves.  Let the candy harden, then tap off excess sprinkles.

Oreo Almond

One of the first words that I thought of to describe these flowers was “Wonky” … maybe it was a Willie Wonka memory!  Then I remembered that last year I made these “Funky Oreo Flowers” …

Funky Oreo Flowers

I guess that Oreo cookies on a stick, dipped in chocolate turn into fun flowers in my mind ;)

Do you have any special plans for Mother’s Day?  I ♥ your comments! 

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Owl Pops

Where does your creativity/inspiration come from?  Do you dream up ideas all on your own?  Do you need guidance and directions?  Are you like me … sometimes it just happens when you least expect it?

Owl Marshmallow Pops

I was shopping at JoAnn’s with a friend for a plate hanger.  Of course we had to look at all of the fall decorations … saw this cute wood owl …

0911031505 … ‘marshmallow pop’ immediately popped into my head.  I have wanted to make an owl for some time … kept changing my mind on how to do it.  I finally found my inspiration!

I was drawn to this guy because he’s short, wide, has flower shaped eyes and is super simple.  You know that I like simple ;)

This is what you will need …



  1. Melt chocolate according to package directions.  I like to put my chocolate in a deep container for easier dipping.  Marshmallows aren’t always perfectly shaped … pick the side that you want to decorate … then dip the tip of the straw in melted chocolate and insert it deep into the marshmallow.  Let it sit for a few minutes.
  2. Dip the entire marshmallow into the chocolate and tap off all excess chocolate. Set it on prepared tray.
  3. Add 2 mini chocolate chips for ears/horns (you can read about that here).  Chill for a few minutes.owl pop directions
  4. Use a toothpick with a dot of melted chocolate to attach eyes, beak and feet to the owl.
  5. Use the edible marker to carefully draw eyeballs … I had to wear my glasses for this part ;)
  6. Draw wings if you want … use a toothpick, squeeze bottle or pastry bag and melted chocolate.

Here’s the big question …

wings ... or ... not  owl pops

If you recall my M&M’s Chicks, I seem to have a problem making decisions on wings ;)

Here’s the family opinions … Hubby says they are cute owls, Son #1 actually came up with the idea of adding the branch (pretzel), Son #3 wanted to know what they were supposed to be (he’s in big trouble with me)

P1030171 owl pops

So what do think about the wings?  I love your input :)

*  Thank you once again to Miss CandiQuik for providing the chocolate for this project!

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Summer – Part 1… Sailboats

Has summer just begun … or is it just about over?

I feel like summer just began, but wait … Target has eliminated the patio furniture and brought in school supplies and Michael’s has started stocking Halloween stuff … the weather is telling me it’s still summer ;)

I’ll try to  make this short and sweet … summer ideas have been filling my head … today I’m sharing the first.  I’ll keep sharing until my brain is empty or until everyone tells me to stop!

Candy Sailboat

Do you like to go on cruises?  I have never been on a cruise for several reasons … one is that I’m truly afraid of falling overboard … that’s probably why I had to have a life-preserver on my marshmallow sailboat … another one is that “Jaws” has scarred me for life!  I have been on boats, but never so far away from land that I can’t see it.  I do want to go on an Alaskan cruise … maybe I can handle it without an anxiety attack!

This is what you will need to make 12 sailboats on a graham cracker ocean …


First make the sailboats …

P1030092 a

  1. Cover your working surface with wax paper or parchment.  Cut the straws in half.
  2. Use the edible marker to draw lines on the smooth side of LifeSavers (omit this step if you want plain life preservers).
  3. Use a serrated knife dipped in water to cut the JumboMallows into 4 half circles (boat hull).
  4. Cut each StackerMallows into 2 triangles, using the same method.
  5. Melt the CandiQuik.  Reserve 4 ounces (1/4) melted candy white (to be used later) … color the remaining candy as desired (I did 4 ounces each, blue, yellow and orange).  Dip tip of paper straw into colored candy and insert into top of boat hull, let dry.
  6. Dip boat hull into colored melted candy, cover marshmallow completely and tap off excess candy.  (Insert lollipop stick if you are making pops)  Place LifeSaver on boat and chill for a few minutes.
  7. Attach StackerMallow sails by using a little water on the edge of the marshmallow (cut edge facing out) and attaching to paper straw (about 1/2″ from top) … allow to dry.
  8. Use a little water to attach licorice flag to the top of the straw … allow to dry.

Sweet Boat Pop

Let’s make the water …


  1. Color about 1/4 to 1/2 cup piping gel blue.
  2. Spread a light layer of white melted candy on a graham cracker square.
  3. Lay sailboat on melted white candy and allow to dry or chill for a few minutes.
  4. Use a small spreader or spatula to smear blue icing over the white candy.  Note:  the piping gel will stay gooey and really looks wet … like water should look!

Marshmallow Sailboat

I your comments!

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Marshmallow Pops for Presidents’ Day



Yesterday morning a brilliant idea appeared in my brain … at least I thought it was brilliant!

I have been thinking about making cherry marshmallow pops for some time, but I hadn’t decided how or why I would make them … just knew that I wanted to make them.

At about 7:00am it all came together for no apparent reason … make cherries in honor of George Washington … you know, the chopping down the cherry tree story and make top hats in honor of Abraham Lincoln.  I made top hats for snowmen and pilgrims … never for a president!

Marshmallow Pops for Presidents Day

Brilliant, I tell you … brilliant!  So I thought …

I’ll try to make this a story short … I have two old friends, the three of us have old basic cell phones that don’t have large screens like smart phones.  I sent this photo …

cherry & top hat

to my friends’ phones with this message … “Can you guess what these are for?”

Friend #1 (who happens to be a big Abraham Lincoln admirer) responded with a text message … “A hat and 2 mops?  But remember my pic is very small.”

My response … “We are taking up a collection to buy you a new phone and new glasses!”   Yes, that was a sarcastic remark … she never wears her glasses anyway ;)

Friend #2 responded … “Presidents’ Day do I win a prize?”

My response … “You are correct and you do win a prize” … I didn’t tell her what the prize was because I used part of her prize in the cherry pops.  She loves cherry Tootsie Pops and cherry candy canes.  I bought the candy sticks (stems) for her and used part of them … really she get half of a prize … please don’t tell her ;)

Friend #2 then showed the photo to her hubby … he thinks that my pops look like a hat and two swollen feet!  I hope he wasn’t wearing his glasses ;)

Cherry Marshmallow Pops

This is what you will need to make Cherry Marshmallow Pops and Top Hats.  If you want to make mops or swollen feet … contact my friends that need to wear their glasses …


To make the cherries … work on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and you will need 1 or 2 paper towels …


  1. Insert a “stem” into marshmallow as shown.  Stem alternatives – peppermint reception sticks, pretzel sticks, Pocky Sticks, lollipop sticks coated in chocolate … you get the idea.  I consider the cherry sticks a lucky find … it was meant to be.  Sorry again to Friend #2 … you do get half a box ;)
  2. Dip the marshmallow in water.
  3. Pat marshmallow with a paper towel to remove excess water.
  4. Immediately roll marshmallow in sugar, pressing sugar if necessary.
  5. Tie two cherries and 1 leaf together with twine.

To make the top hats … again work on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper …


  1. Dip the tip of a stick in melted chocolate and insert in marshmallow, let chocolate harden up.
  2. Dip marshmallow in chocolate and tap to remove excess chocolate.
  3. Spoon nonpareils over sides of marshmallow and area where stick is inserted.
  4. Place marshmallow on chocolate wafer cookie, set aside and allow chocolate to harden up.

Cherries for George Washington & a Top Hat for Abraham Lincoln

I am feeling insecure … do my cherry pops look like cherries … should I buy glasses for my friends … do I make too many sarcastic remarks?

I ♥ your comments (that is not sarcastic) …



Puff Pastry Rose Pops

I am so forgetful sometimes … let me tell you what I did this morning.  I wash and dry my jeans wrong side out … I heard that it helps with fading.  I usually turn them right side out when I put the laundry away … but I didn’t this past time … no big deal … right?   This morning when I got dressed, I put my jeans on … two legs in … pulled up … and I tried to button and zip, which didn’t work … then I looked down … I forgot to turn them right side out!  I could be loosing it … if I ever had it!

Anyway … the point of my story is … while checking out other blogs this morning … I remembered that I wanted to make these Puff Pastry Rose Pops … I almost forgot!  Check out Nifty Thrifty Things … it is because of her that I remembered!

Puff pastry is my friend … a truly wonderful invention … that is so conveniently available in the freezer section at the grocery store!  Just let it thaw and use it for making appetizers, main dishes, desserts or … rose pops … just in time for Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day or just to say Thank You.

This is all that you will need … puff pastry, cinnamon, colored sugar, parchment paper and lollipop sticks …

Let a sheet of puff pastry thaw on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, sprinkle with cinnamon and colored sugar …

Roll it up …

Slice into 1-inch pieces …

Insert lollipop sticks and bake …

Make some paper leaves with messages on them and tie them on the sticks …

Easy peasy … now how about making some with different colors of sugar?

Puff Pastry Rose Pops

Frozen puff pastry – thawed
Colored sugar (start with 1 tablespoon per sheet and add more if you like)
Cinnamon (start with 1 teaspoon per sheet and add more if you like)
Lollipop Sticks (or wooden sticks)
  • Preheat oven to 400°F
  • Place sheets of puff pastry on parchment lined baking sheets.
  • Sprinkle the pastry with cinnamon and colored sugar.
  • Roll it up into a log.
  • Use a sharp knife and cut into 1-inch slices (8-9 slices per log)
  • Insert a lollipop stick into each slice … but do not let it come out the top!
  • Bake on parchment lined baking sheet for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Cool completely and tie paper leaves on sticks if desired.

I am looking forward to your comments !

   Deanna sent a pic of her roses … they look so nice in the vase :)


Frog Marshmallow Pops

Wednesday … February 29 … it’s leap year!  The first thing I thought of was … leap-frog :)

This is a first for me … I’ve never made anything for leap year.   It just seemed like a good reason to make frog marshmallow pops!

This is what you will need …

  • Jumbo marshmallows (any flavor will do)
  • Large marshmallows (any flavor)
  • Lollipop sticks (6″ – 8″)
  • Candy eyes
  • Green candy melts/ chocolate (1 pound for 10 – 12 frogs)
  • Dark chocolate/candy melts
  • Red candy melts/chocolate
  • Squeeze bottles or pastry bags

Before we start, I want to let you know that I am using chocolate & caramel marshmallows.  These have been in the cupboard for a long time and I need to use them up.  The flavors don’t matter … but the size does matter …

I cut the jumbo marshmallows in half …

Dip the tip of the stick in melted green candy …

Insert the stick in the jumbo marshmallow (1/2) and  push it all the way thru …

Dip the tip of the stick again in the candy …

Now insert the stick in the large marshmallow and set aside to let the candy harden up …

Dip the whole marshmallow pop in the melted candy and tap off the excess.  Lay the pop on wax paper and pop in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes to harden up …

Use a small knife to trim up any puddles or drips …

Put some melted green candy in a squeeze bottle or pastry bag and draw legs and toes …

Use the same green chocolate to attach eyeballs …

Use dark chocolate to give these little guys a mouth and nose …

Use red chocolate to draw a tongue … only if you want … the more I look at them, I don’t like the tongue …

So here are my silly little leap frogs …

I look forward to your comments …