Favorite Stuff in 2013

Today … the last day of 2013 … I’d like to say THANK YOU!!!  Thank you to each and everyone one of you … for stopping by, reading and leaving your comments.  This has been a great year and I’m sure 2014 will be even better!

I thought that it would be nice to share the top 10 favorite (most viewed) recipes edible crafts … OK, I don’t know exactly what to call it … it’s stuff … a mixture of recipes, holiday treats, peanut butter, chocolate and sugar.

In David Letterman fashion … let’s start with …

# 10  Nutter Butter Acorns 

Nutter Butter Acorns

# 9  edible cupcake box

Cupcake Box … that’s edible!

#8  ding dong the witch is dead

Ding-Dong, the witch is dead!

#7  Peeps on skateboards

Skateboarding Peeps

#6  m&m's Chicks

m&m’s Chicks

#5  pecan pie cupcakes

Pecan Pie Cupcakes

#4  Nacho Cupcakes

Nacho Cupcakes

#3  ooey gooey pumpkin cake

Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Cake

#2  Nutter butter bats

Nutter Butter Bats

#1  Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Tree

Peanut Butter Christmas Trees

Thank you again!  I wish you and your family a happy and safe New Year!  :)

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Bubbly Cupcakes in Silver and Gold

It’s hard for me to believe that the year 2013 is reaching its end and a new year will be beginning!   The older I get … the faster time flies ;)

Do you have plans for New Year’s Eve?   Will you be attending an adult affair or one that includes the entire family?  Will you toast with champagne?  I have a bottle of “the bubbly” that can be shared with everybody … pssst, it’s not really champagne … it’s chocolate shaped like a champagne bottle …

chocolate cocktail bubbly cupcakes

I was very excited when I opened a box of goodies from SweetWorks that included this chocolate bottle and even happier with the gold and silver candies!  I am sure that you have seen cookies and cakes decorated with silver and gold dragees … you know those little silver balls that most of us have eaten at some point in time.   Well … let me tell you that they are virtually impossible to find in California … most distributors will not ship here, due to legal action quite a few years ago!  I was very happy to have a great alternative …

Chocolate Champagne Gumballs, Sixlets & Pearls Cupcakes


This is what I used to make my bubbly and sparkly cupcake platter …

P1030498 ed


Make some curly silver and gold decorations by wrapping the chenille stems around a knitting needle (pencil or whatever you have) …

P1030499 ed


I gathered five of these curly stems, wrapped another stem around the ends and attached them to the top of the bottle with hot glue.

champagne bubble cupcakes

I frosted my cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting in a pastry bag and a #22 tip … added gumballs, Sixlets and pearls randomly … then I added the sparkle …

champagne new year's cupcakes


I dip a brush in the Disco Dust and tap the brush … a little goes a long way!

Happy New Year Cupcakes


These cupcakes are fun, sparkly, kid friendly and versatile …


Bubbly Cocktail Cupcakes

I wish you a happy and safe New Year!

♦  I share my stuff with these fun parties  ♦

Thank you to SweetWorks for the box of surprises!

















Cupcakes for New Year’s Eve

The year is almost over and a new year ready to begin … time to party!

Cupcakes for New Year's Eve

Are you hosting a party or going to a party?

These cupcakes are sure to fit in at an adult party or one that includes children.

Make your favorite cupcakes … make ice cream cone hats … throw in some candy noise makers … you have got cupcakes for a sweet New Year’s Eve party!

This is what you will need …


  • Frosted cupcakes
  • Sugar ice cream cones
  • Melted white chocolate (candy melts)
  • Edible confetti
  • Air Heads Extremes
  • Sugar coated sour tape type candy
  • Fruit slice jelly candies
  • Blue sugar
  • Granulated sugar (not in photo)

Make the noise makers/blowers … use a paring knife to cut the Extreme strips in half, then cut strips to create “fringe” at the end of each piece.   Shape the fruit slice candy to look like a mouthpiece.  As the candy gets gummy, dip it in the granulated sugar.  Use a knife to make a cut and insert candy tape.

Hint – I could not get the Extreme strips to stay rolled up (so they cut into strips)  but the red sour tape candy rolled up fine.

002 003 004

Make the party hats … place the melted white chocolate in a tall container, dip cone and shake off excess chocolate …




Add some edible confetti and set on wax paper …


When chocolate has hardened, dip the edge of the cone in chocolate, then in colored sugar …


Warning – this tassel takes patience!

Make a tassel for the hat … cut one strip of Extreme candy into 4 pieces, then cut to create fringe …


This is where patience is needed … attach the tassel to the tip of the cone with a few dots of melted chocolate and hold it in place … maybe hold it some more … then pray … and smoosh it in place! 

I think the tassel is quite cute, but I did call it names while I was trying to make it stick ;)


So … are you ready for a party?

New year's hat noisemaker cupcakes

I look forward to your comments!


Clocks and Top Hats for New Year’s

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Today is December 28, 2011 … in a few short days it will be 2012 … time is just flying by!

Can you tell that I recycle?  I am not talking about cans and bottles … but crafty ideas.  Yes, I know … another marshmallow hat and I used the same concept from the snow globes to make clocks.   Hey, don’t judge me … I just do simple stuff.  OK, I promise … no more marshmallow hats … at least for a while;)

This is what you will need …

  • White Fudge Oreo cookies (or dip your Oreos)
  • Large Marshmallows
  • Chocolate Wafer Cookies (Famous from Nabisco)
  • Small Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties (York)
  • White Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Edible Sparkly Stuff (such as Disco Dust or sugar crystals)
  • Lollipop sticks

First, let me show you Disco Dust … I have used it before .. it is available at cake supply stores (or online) in many colors.  It truly reminds me of craft glitter.  Using a dry brush, dip it in the dust and then tap the brush … it goes a long way … but it isn’t exactly cheap … so I catch the leftover on a paper napkin to save every bit I can.

To get started on the hats … put a stick in a marshmallow … dip it in melted dark chocolate and place it on wax paper … pop in the fridge to harden up …

Now dip the chocolate covered marshmallow in melted white chocolate and sprinkle some sugar on it (I used silver sanding sugar and white crystal sugar) to give it a little sparkle.  Then place it on a chocolate wafer cookie.  Several people have asked me where to find these chocolate cookies … I get them at my grocery store on the cookie aisle but some times they are with the ice cream cones.  If you can’t find them … how about making a puddle of dark chocolate on wax paper about 2-1/4″ … or dip a “sugar” cookie in chocolate?

To make the clocks … use an edible marker to draw on the white Oreo … and a paring knife to trim any uneven edges …

I used a squeeze bottle to draw a rim of white chocolate on the edge of the clock face and add gold Disco Dust … and don’t forget to do this on a paper napkin so you can save the excess Disco Dust …

When the chocolate has hardened, use a clean brush to remove the excess glitter and save it …

Put a little melted white chocolate on the small peppermint patty … place a clock face on it … and hold it for a minute …

Here are some more easy peasy cupcake ideas …

Just put the cookie clock face on a frosted cupcake!

Or better yet … put the whole clock on a cupcake!

Do you have any plans for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day?  Are you staying home with family … or going to a “fancy schmancy”  party?

Whatever you are doing … these little treats will fit the bill!  I hope you have a happy and safe holiday!

I ♥ your comments :)

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