Christmas Review

Do you remember these from last year …

Edible snow globes Easy Snow Globe Cookies

snowman hat pops Marshmallow Snowman Hats

snowman marshmallow pops Snowman Marshmallow Pops

I will be sharing new Christmas ideas in a day or so ;) 


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6 Responses to Christmas Review

  1. Nora Brungard says:

    It is our family tradition to make cherry delight every Christmas! My daughter especially requests it each year and everyone loves it!

  2. Karene says:

    These are all very cute. I think I’ll start off making the Snowman Hats:)

  3. ColleenB. says:

    Oh, I do remember these cute little creations from last year.
    I hope to make some of them snow globes come this weekend. Didn’t get them made last year :{
    Thanks for the flash-back in time :}

  4. All these ideas are so cute. My teenagers and they staff in the office would love them. The marshmallow snowman hats are so adorable and I think I will try making this one first.

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