Graduation Pops that are S’mores

Yes … I’m calling these pops s’mores … they have all the necessary ingredients … chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers!

This project is so simple and quick with the help of a few store-bought ingredients … let me show you …

This is what I used …

  • Large marshmallows
  • Chocolate (fudge) covered graham crackers
  • Dark chocolate (candy melts) (1 pound should make about 25-30 pops)
  • M&M’s (or mini)
  • WarHeads Sour Twists (or AirHeads Xtremes)
  • Lollipop sticks (sorry, they missed the photo shoot)

I have not bought chocolate covered graham crackers in a looooong time … I didn’t realize that the size had changed … I thought they were larger!  Maybe a different brand is a different size?  I decided to go ahead and use them because they are the same size and shape as the Marshmallow Stackers that I used for Graduation Pops last year.

Let’s get started … set up an assembly line … melt the chocolate … dip the ends of the sticks in chocolate and insert into marshmallows … dip the marshmallows in chocolate … tap off excess chocolate and place on the (bottom) chocolate covered graham cracker … place in the fridge for a few minutes to harden up the chocolate …

To make the tassel, I used the Sour Twists … separated and cut in thirds … I did make a little cut to allow the candy to bend over the edge and an M&M for the button on top.  Use a little melted chocolate to “glue” everything together … you will need to hold each piece in place for a moment to allow the chocolate to set …

Pretty easy peasy!

What do you think?

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24 Responses to Graduation Pops that are S’mores

  1. trisha says:

    now THAT rocks!!!!!!!

  2. Well, aren’t they the cutest things. Time consuming to assemble, I imagine, yet they look pretty easy. Esp. like the way you displayed them in a bowl full of M&Ms. I’m afraid mine would fall over too soon because I’d be into the M&Ms right away!

    Keep writing…

  3. Christine says:

    Perfect…I was looking for something to make for my son’s preschool graduation. Love it!

  4. Ellen says:

    Well Brenda you did it again, these are perfect for the grads parties and yummy too.

  5. justlyd says:

    Tbese are great! Love them!

  6. texydeb says:

    So clever and so fun!

  7. Karene says:


  8. How cool! Gotta grab the stuff for our party this weekend

  9. These are cute! They’re a bit different from the plethora of reeses cup hats I’ve been seeing recently. Refreshing!

  10. Shayla says:

    Hello! These are such a cute idea, and I just recently made these for a graduation party!! However, my sticks had chocolate on them from where I dipped the marshmallow. How did you dip your marshmallows in the melted chocolate to not get any chocolate on the sticks?

    • Hi Shayla, If you dip the tip of the stick in chocolate … insert it into the marshmallow … let the chocolate harden up … it will hold the marshmallow in place and should create a little rim of chocolate at the base of the marshmallow … then when you dip the entire marshmallow in chocolate be very careful not to dip it past that rim … I know it sounds a little time consuming … but worth it … or … you can clean HARDENED chocolate off the stick with a paring knife. I hope this helps for future projects :)

  11. Dawn says:

    i made these and they were a hit. My husband had bought the extra large marshmallows – not a good choice, too top heavy and doesn’t fit graham cracker….- I used the Airheads Xtremes for the tassle and just cut them in 1/2 length wise and shortened them enough to hang over but not too long. Very cool. Thanks for the idea…..

  12. Emily says:

    My daughter and I made some for her elementary school graduation! Thanks so much for the tutorial, I blogged about it here

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