Sweet Acorns

Fall is my favorite time of year.  I enjoy cooler weather and the leaves changing color.  Today should be a lovely 88° and Thursday is expected to reach 100°!  This is October … isn’t it?  I am going to ignore the weather and pretend it’s cool.  I am in fall mode and the temperature is not going to spoil it!

Today I made acorns since I don’t have an oak tree.  These are sweet little acorns … not the kind that fall off trees.  But I suppose that’s obvious.

This is what you will need …

  • Nutter Butter Bites
  • Hershey Kisses (I used dark because I had leftovers from the witch hats)
  • Peanut butter chips (some melted, some not)

Set up an assembly line … unwrap the Kisses.  Melt about 1/4 cup of the peanut butter chips in the microwave (20 seconds, stir, 20 seconds, stir).  This will be your “glue”.  Put a little “glue” on the cookies and place the Kisses on the cookie …

After the “glue”has hardened … “glue” the remaining peanut butter chips on top of the cookies …

Congratulations … you just “grew” acorns!


What is your favorite season?  Today … because it’s fall … and I love it!  I have a little giveaway for someone to win.  Could you use some fall doilies … like the ones I used above?  I stocked up back in July and am very happy that I did.  I was at the same store two weeks ago and not a package was left.  I want to share some with one lucky winner.  Wouldn’t they be cute with a cupcake or muffin on top … or maybe used in a craft or scrapbook project?  The winner will receive 4 packs of doilies, like the ones below …

To enter … tell me what season is your favorite or just say “Hi”.  Leave a comment below … and don’t forget your email address (so that I may contact the winner).  The last day to enter is Monday, October 17, 2011, midnight.  The winner will be chosen at random and announced Tuesday, October 18, 2011.  One entry per person.

Giveaway is now over, sorry :(
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76 Responses to Sweet Acorns

  1. These are ridiculously cute!

  2. Those acorns look delicious! I’m going to have to try them this weekend.

  3. I agree; very cute! I’m thinking Better Half is going to love the acorns I pack in his lunch! :-)

  4. Terry Perez says:

    Hi, these are to cute I can’t wait to try them with the kids. My favorite season is Fall.

  5. Nicole says:

    What an easy and simple, yet unique and petite treat ……. I love this! I’m going to “steal” this for my church’s annual Fall Festival on Oct 31 to go along with my mini-cupcakes!!!!!!!!

  6. Barbara says:

    You just brought me down memory lane. I remember the hugh oak tree that my mother and aunt had in their yard. I remember going into the yard and picking up the acorns up from off the ground. You know the saying The Good Old Days. Every time I see something in the shape of a acorn I try and buy it. Now in the yard is a smaller oak tree. I call the smaller oak tree the daughter of the bigger oak tree. Thanks so much for putting a smile on my face and having me think about when I was a little girl. Barbara

  7. Joann Wolfe says:

    Oh! how cute….I love acorns, and have been looking lately at all the creative things you can do with them. I like fall the best, I think…..starting to see pumpkins. The color orange is such a comforting color. And it is a great time of year to bake and burn yummy smelling candles….. Happy Fall Brenda!!!

  8. Patti says:

    very cute little bites. and fall is my favorite season. the colors of fall are so beautiful

  9. Johann says:

    So cute! I think we just found today’s after school snack! Thank you!

  10. Audrey says:

    Can’t wait to try yet another PB delight!!!

  11. Susie says:

    My favorite season is Spring because we have such long, cold, snowy winters here. :)
    Cool giveaway. I just found your blog and will be following,

  12. Mandy L. says:

    My favorite season is definetly autumn! These doilies are adorable!

  13. My favorite season is also fall :) I love the cooler weather and the changing colors! Love the sweet acorns idea!

  14. Jodie J. says:

    oh, i8 can’t wait to make some of your darling acorns! and, thanks for the giveaway opportunity -

  15. Aileen Bell says:

    Fall Fall Fall!!! I live in AZ, and here, fall means the end of blistering summer and the beginning the nice time of year! Hello, BBQ! BTW, love this project. Definitely going in my idea notebook for Thanksgiving this year!

  16. Michelle says:

    I love these! I love that I came across the acorns treats. I love Fall, it’s my birthday today too! They made me smile and hope I can get the Nutter Butters here in Canada…..If not I will have to have Mom sent some from the States!

  17. Judy Harper says:

    Fall by far is the best time of the year! Leaves changing, holidays are coming soon, football, county fairs in my area, humidity and temperatures fall in Southeast Georgia and I get to bake lots and lots! The acorns are adorable. I can’t wait to make and try them. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Jann says:

    Favorite season: Fall, late fall, to be exact. I am a winter person and the anticipation with the visual changes of color and ability to go out and be refreshed ( instead of sweating and tired) is what I look forwarf to every year.

    Love the acorns and my shopping list just expanded,


  19. Martha T says:

    Living in Texas, I would have to say spring because sometimes we have a little bit of winter “cool” left over before the hot season starts!

  20. saniel says:

    i would say fall cause it is not to hot and not to cold. plus i like seeing the leafes changing colors and falling.

  21. ReaderWoman says:

    I love these, they are very clever! I don’t think I have a favorite season, although Fall comes close. I just love to watch the weather and plants change, season to season…

  22. Tina Wegner says:

    Great idea! I have a Halloween Party and I think I will bring these. I also love fall. I love the colors and feeling. I also enjoy the smell of fall, both inside and out. Thanks for the recipe!

  23. Dawn Fausett says:

    I LOVE Fall!! Halloween is my favorite holiday and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday to cook on!! I’m loving those acorns. I’m gonna have to put some together for a fall tea I’m having. Thanks for the idea and thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Kathy says:

    Such cute doilies for a give-away! I LOVE the Autumnal Season, with my favorite month being October. The air gets cooler, the colors of fall and most of all because my daughter was born in October! Thank you for the recipe and tute on the acorn candies…. :>)

  25. Christine Bolin says:

    I would love to join the giveaway. I love the fall paper doilies. Living in Florida makes me enjoy winter.

  26. lynnrosik says:

    I Loveeeee Fall too. I love making so many fall desserts. I will be making the witch cupcakes that you just showed how to make.

  27. Shay says:

    My favorite is SPRING, I can’t wait for it every year! I know you bought these doilies earlier in the year—but WHERE ,so I can look for these cuties next season.

  28. ChrisTea says:

    Hello! I absolutely love your acorn treats … and dark chocolate with peanut butter is to die for! Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. I love the falling leaves, the smell of fireplaces burning, the crisp air, the Fall Festivals …. who would not love Autumn? Thank you for the chance to win these great doilies … leaves no less! … what a great idea.

  29. Sheri says:

    How adorable and clever these acorns are! You can’t go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter… I would have to go with Fall being my favorite season because of the cool, crisp mornings and windy, sunny afternoons. Autumn colors are so spectacular. Thank you for sharing your recipe for these and thanks for the opportunity to win those darling doily shapes!

  30. Danya Campbell says:

    how absolutely adorable!!!

  31. These are so cute! I’ve been looking for acorns to make with my Squirrel Cupcakes! i found through the cupcake blog :)

  32. Ellen says:

    Been on vacation and just got to my emails, these acorns are awesome. Can’t wait to try them. Autumn is a favoite time of the year for me too. Love the colors and the smells that come along with this time of year.

  33. Heidi Barrow says:

    Brilliant idea with the acorns! Winter is my favorite seen, you get to layer on the cloths and peel them off as you warm up!

  34. Sally says:

    I made your acorns this past weekend for a clambake. What a hit they were! Everyone raved over them and I beamed – knowing I hadn’t baked a thing and had the “best dessert ever!” Thanks for this great idea~!!

  35. Dana says:

    Just found your page. Love your ideas. Thanks

  36. Gwen Nowlan says:

    Very cute ideas and wonderful recipes. I love the dollies – perfect for my favourite time of year – Fall/Autumn

  37. Cindy Mollet says:

    Oh waw!
    I just found your site. How cute are these and what a fun giveaway too!
    Will keep on following you!

  38. Erin says:

    Really cute doilies and such cute projects!

  39. oh my gosh, these are really neat. I wish I had a party to make them for! Your website is great Brenda! You’re so creative!

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